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*** This year we have a new training program for all ***


Next year is a big one for all us Tasar Sailors: Nationals at Port Stephens, NSW, Vic States at Sorrento and Worlds in Japan and of course our own Club based Championships.

Each year the TAV Committee have put together a Club based training program to help you 'do your best' and work towards achieving your own personal goals. This year we have taken this training to a whole new level. 

There are evening workshops on topics ranging from use of compass and rules to race strategy. Backed-up by on-water coaching suitable for Club sailors through to regular State and Nationals sailors.

This training program is very ambitious. There is no other Class in Australia that offers this level of training / coaching to their members. So take advantage of this opportunity. Talk to your crew or skipper and make a commitment NOW to some or all what is on offer, before the season begins.

What is on offer?

5 Workshops: Compass, Rules, Starts, Race Strategy, Boat Speed

6 coaching sessions: 3 Club based training days plus coaching sessions on Starts, Race Strategy, Boat Speed led by Mark Tonner Joyce

How much does it cost?

All participants MUST be a TAV member.

No cost for workshops on Compass and Rules and our regular Club based training days

Full training program: just $150 for 3 x Workshops and 3 x on water coaching sessions led by Mark Tonner Joyce

Not sure you can commit to all that is on offer? You can sign up for each individual event. 

The cost of each workshop (Starts, Race Strategy, Boat Speed) - $15 per person. 

The cost for each on water coaching session (Starts, Race Strategy, Boat Speed) - $50 per boat. (limited numbers)

This is great and unprecedented value.

Remember you must be a TAV member which is only $60 per boat. The Membership renewal notices is available here.

The detailed training calendar will be launched at the TAV presentation night on 13thAugust. Hear about what will be covered in each workshop and coaching session and secure you place. Another reason, beside the famous Trivia quiz to come along.

Check out all the dates on in the 2016-17 program!!!

TAV Committee