2018 Nationals

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The Australian Tasar Council and the Tasar Association of the Northern Territory, in conjunction with The Darwin Sailing Club, are pleased to announce the 45th Australian Tasar Championship, to be sailed on Fannie Bay, Darwin, Northern Territory.


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Notice of Race

Measurement (downloads form)

Pre Measurement (downloads form: to be lodged between 1 June and 11 July)

Racing Rules of Sailing

Special Regulations Part 2 for Off the Beach Boats

International Tasar Class Rules


Refer to Sailing Instructions for race start times (Sailing Instructions will be posted above under Race Documents when they have been finalised)

Wednesday 18 July

1000 hours - 1700 hours: Registration, measurement and boat inspection

Thursday 19 July

0900 hours - 1230 hours: Registration, measurement and boat inspection

1300 hours: Regatta briefing

Invitation Race (warning signal shall not be before 1500 hours)

Tides: 1036 hours 6.68m; 1711 hours 2.04m

1800 hours: Welcome night dinner at The Darwin Sailing Club (see below) incorporating the Ronstan Half Hour

Friday 20 July

Race Day 1

Tides: 1115 hours 6.18m; 1807 hours 2.22m


1700 hours: Ronstan Half Hour 

Saturday 21 July

Race Day 2

Tides: 1159 hours 5.69m; 1910 hours 2.36m

1700 hours: Ronstan Half Hour

Sunday 22 July

Race Day 3

Tides: 1300 hours 5.27m; 2020 hours 2.38m

1800 hours: Mid-week function at Crocosaurus Cove (see below) incorporating the Ronstan Half Hour

Monday 23 July

Lay Day

Tuesday 24 July

Race Day 4

Tides: 1020 hours 3.52m; 1538 hours 5.14m

1700 hours: Ronstan Half Hour

Wednesday 25 July

Race Day 5

Tides: 1122 hours 3.23m; 1630 hours 5.35m

1830 hours: Presentation night dinner at The Darwin Sailing Club (see below, drinks included) incorporating the Ronstan Half Hour


Welcome night and presentation night

The Entry Fee includes two tickets for each of the welcome night (Thursday 19 July) and presentation night (Wednesday 25 July) dinners at The Darwin Sailing Club, catered by the Waterfront Bistro. Extra tickets to both functions can be purchased during the online registration process (or for post-registration see below). Note that the presentation night dinner includes drinks.

Mid-week function

There will be a mid-week function at Crocosaurus Cove on Sunday 22 July. During the evening there will be the opportunity to handle different Australian reptiles. The animal handlers will mingle amongst the guests with various creatures. Guests also have the opportunity of 'Fishing for Crocs' when they can feed juvenile crocodiles. Tickets include access to all of the park's attractions. The  'Cage of Death' is another activity that can be pre-booked for the night at an additional cost.

Included in the mid-week function ticket price is not only viewing and handling the 'Cove' exhibits, but whilst roaming … some sumptuous roaming entrees of local produce, followed by a two course dinner in an extraordinary dining room. Drinks can be purchased from the bar.

Tickets to the mid-week function have NOT been included in the Entry Fee. Tickets for the mid-week function can be purchased when paying the Entry Fee during the online registration process (or for post-registration see below). The deadline for booking the mid-week function is Friday 6 July.


Children's tickets to functions are not included in the online registration process (unless they are skipper and/or crew). At the welcome night and presentation night children's meals can be purchased from the Waterfront Bistro at The Darwin Sailing Club.

Please email tasarassociationnt@hotmail.com to arrange tickets for your children for the mid-week function at Crocosaurus Cove. Children's tickets (4 to 15 years old) include $12 entry plus $28 for food with an option of just paying the entry fee (children under 4 do not need to pay entry). It is possible to come and explore Crocosaurus Cove earlier than the function, you will get your name ticked off as you enter.

Dietary requirements

Please email tasarassociationnt@hotmail.com to let us know of your dietary requirements at the functions.


The Entry Fee includes two t-shirts, one for the skipper and one for the crew. Extra t-shirts can be purchased during the online registration process (or for post-registration see below). The deadline for ordering t-shirts is Friday 1 June. Some t-shirts will be available for sale once in Darwin but sizes can not be guaranteed.

Post-registration purchases and amendments

Whilst some amendments can be made to your online entry, changes CAN NOT be made to payment details. If you wish to purchase additional tickets to functions, or additional t-shirts, or change your t-shirt sizes, please email tasarassociationnt@hotmail.com and we will arrange separate payment.

Waterfront Bistro

The award winning Waterfront Bistro is located at The Darwin Sailing Club and is a generous sponsor of the Tasar Nationals. It is one of the most stunning eating locations in Darwin. They are open every day for lunch and dinner. They will also serve the meals for the welcome and presentation night dinners.


The Darwin Sailing Club event page

Tasar Association of the Northern Territory Facebook Page


Email: tasarassociationnt@hotmail.com 

Phone: Jonathan Talbot on 0422 940 918