World measurer - Compass rule changes

2 November 2017

It has been fantastic to see the discussion around the up coming vote on the Tasar class rules regarding compasses.


One theme that keeps re occuring is what type of compasses are currently allowed and what would be allowed with the different options.  The following is my "opinion" based on my understanding of a couple of compasses that are currently in the market.  If my understanding is wrong then my "opinion" may change.  None of this changes the current or future rule.

1) The Ray Marine (Tacktick) Micro compass (T060) is allowed under all 3 options.

2) The Velocitek Shift is allowed under all 3 options with no restrictions.

3) The Velocitek Speed Puck is only allowed under option 2.

4) Standard non electronic magnetic compasses would be allowed under all 3 options

5) Apple watch or similar devices are not allowed allowed under all 3 options

6) Devices such as the Velocitek Pro Start are not allowed under all 3 options.

7) The Ray Marine (Tacktick) Race Master (T070) is allowed under all 3 options.

Nb.  the Velocitek Shift and the Tacktick Race Master use similar functionality and to my understanding to do not perform any more functinality that the Tacktick Micro.  ie the Micro in tacktick mode adds and subtracts the user specified tacking angle to make a guess at the true wind angle.  The Shift and the Race Master subtract the currect bearing from an arbitrary number determined before the start and provides the difference to help identify a lift or a knock.  Option 1) and option 2) clarifies this position.  The current rule requires an interpretation which in the past has been to allow the Velocitek Shift.  

Feel free to email me on chris.payne at for more discussion :).