Section F - Rig

Section F - Rig
F.1 Measurement

F.1.1. Spars and rigging shall be to the design and specifications of the Designer and items meeting

these specifications shall be available from the builder and may not be drilled, altered, or

otherwise changed except as allowed by C.2.2 - C2.4.

F.1..2 Topmast stiffeners (as standard in Australian TASARS) are required. Rigging shall comply with

the current class rules.

F.1.3 The length of the forestay with fittings, bearing point to bearing point, between the stemhead

fitting and the hounds, plus the measurement from the bearing point on stemhead fitting to the

deck directly below, shall be 4140 +/- 20 mm., as shown in Appendix 2.

F.1.4 For dacron sails, the measurement from the bearing point at the hounds to the aft head point of

the jib shall not exceed 115 mm. This rule does not apply to mylar sails.

F.1.5 The measurement from the bearing point at the hounds to the deck immediately in front of the

mast step shall not be less than 3720 mm.

F.1.6 The whisker pole shall have a maximum length of 2038 mm and shall float. Material shall be

aluminum, wood or f.r.p. Diameter, fittings and method of attachment to the clewboard of the

jib or jib sheet are optional and unrestricted

F.2 Manufacturers

F.2.1. Spar manufacturers shall be licensed by the designer, or after his death or retirement, the

copyright holder of the TASAR class design.

F.3 Mast

F.3.1 No boat may start with a mast or boom which has a permanent bend.

F.3.2 The top mast shall be supported on an insert located and supported by the upper diamond bolt

and having the same cross section as the top mast sleeve.

F.4 Rigging

F.4.1 Any sheets or lines supplied by the builder may be substituted by sheets or lines of any length

or diameter. No additional sheets or lines may be added (except as called for under C.2.2(h),

e.g. towrope, in which case they may not be used as added control equipment for racing).

Each sheet or line must be one continuous length of uniform diameter, except for the outhaul

which may be of 2 parts, one of which may be wire.

F.4.2 Sheets or lines in whole or in part of wire are prohibited, except for the outhaul, vang, halyard,

diamond stays, mainsheet strop, shrouds and forestay. Any wire except the forestay, shrouds

and diamond stays, may be replaced with line.

F.4.3 The forestay, shrouds and diamond stays shall be 3/32" (2.5 mm) diameter 1x19 stainless steel

wire. The forestay and shrouds may use rolled swages.

F.4.4 When a mylar jib is used, a jib furler and swivel are not fitted, and a jib halyard and associated

fittings, as supplied by the builder, are required. Any replacements of the supplied equipment

are subject to all applicable rules, including C.2.4 and F.4.1.


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