Section D - Hull and Deck

Section D - Hull and Deck

D.1 Measurement

D.1.1. Hull fittings shall comply with the current class rules.

D.2 Builders

D.2.1. "Builder" means any manufacturer duly authorised or licensed to build the TASAR by the

designer or after his death or retirement, the copyright holder of the TASAR class design.

D.2.2. The Hull and deck shall be built from tooling manufactured and supplied by the designer or

copyright holder, and shall be constructed in accordance with the specifications of the designer.

D.3 Hull weight

D.3.1 A minimum hull weight of 68 kg shall apply for class racing. Any ballast required to bring a hull

up to the specified minimum weight shall be secured in the cockpit. Hulls shall be weighed dry

with shroud pull-backs, hiking straps and all associated adjuster lines and shock cord erectors,

inspection port covers and all permanently attached fittings in place. If a furler and furler line, or

a removable compass with a permanently attached mounting, are always fitted when racing,

they may be included. All other equipment shall be removed prior to weighing.

D.3.2 Hull weight in excess of the minimum specified in D.3.1 above may count toward any ballast

required by C.6.2.


Revision 2014/11/20