Section B - Organization

Section B - Organisation

B.1 Administration of the Class

B.1.1. The class is administered by the World Tasar Class Association.

B.2 International Class Fee and ISAF Plaque

B.2.1. The international Class Fee shall be paid by the licensed hull builders to the ISAF.

B.2.2. All hulls shall bear the ISAF class plaque.

B.3 Measurement Certificate

B.3.1. Measurement certificates are not issued.

B.4 Amendments to Class Rules

B.4.1. Amendments to the class rules shall be proposed by the ICA in accordance with B.4.2 and

submitted for approval by ISAF.

B.4.2 Amendments to these class rules shall be approved by both:

(a) The Tasar World Council, provided that it reports approval by at least two thirds of the

District Associations at Special General Meetings thereof called for that purpose, or at

Annual General Meetings thereof, provided that no less than 60 (sixty) days notice of

such proposed rule change has in each case been given.

(b) The Tasar Advisory Council.

 Revision 2014-11-20