Section A - Fundamental Rules

A.1 Status of Class Rules

A.1.1. These are closed class rules.

A.1.2 These class rules are directed to the creation of a one-design class where the true test, when

raced, is between crews and not boats; any alteration of the form and construction of the hull,

equipment, fittings, spars, sails or running rigging, as supplied by the builder and approved by

the World Tasar Class Association, except as specifically authorised by these Class rules, is a

breach of these Class rules not only in spirit but in substance, and is prohibited.

A.1.3 These class rules are established as by-law 1 of the World Tasar Class Association


matters concerning these class rules.

A 3.2. The ISAF, an MNA, the ICA, an RCA or an official measurer is under no legal responsibility in

respect of these class rules.

A.4.1. The official language of the class is English and in case of dispute over translation the English

text shall prevail.

A.4.2. The word "shall" is mandatory and the word "may" is permissive.

A.4.3 The official system of measurement is the metric (SI) system and in any case of difference

resulting from the use of other systems, the metric measurement shall prevail.

A.6 Interpretation of Class Rules

A.6.1. Any interpretations of the class rules, except as provided in A.7, shall be made by ICA chief

measurer, subject to ratification by ISAF in cooperation with the ICA.

A.7.1. Interpretations of the class rules at an event shall be made in accordance with the RRS and

the race organising authority shall, as soon as practical after the event, inform the ISAF and the

ICA of such a ruling.

A.8.1. In the case of a measurement dispute on any part or item of the boat, the following procedure

shall be adopted;

A sample of 5 other boats, shall be taken and measured using identical techniques. The

dimensions of the disputed boat shall be equal to, or between, the maximum and minimum

dimensions obtained from these 5 boats. If the boat in question is outside these dimensions the

matter, together with any relevant information, shall be referred to the ICA, which shall give a

final ruling. If any of the dimensions of the sample are considered to be unusual, all relevant

information shall be referred by the ICA to the ISAF.