Japan Container Information

if you are looking at this page re Tasar worlds in Japan you are several years too late.....in 2021 Tasars world titles will be in Vancouver. details re shipping your Tasar will be published later
old news re Japan.......
We will be having 20 boats in two 40 foot containers travelling from here to Japan and back.  We will utilise Ronstan's factory at 19 Park Way, Braeside VIC 3195 to pack the containers and unload them.  Date to be determined...
We will be taking some charter boats for the US team which is not only reducing our shipping costs but also means we don't have to travel to Sydney or Adelaide.  The downside is that we will be undermanned for people packing the boat, so please free to bring along any able bodies you have available.  Tall people are preferred :)  Also expect this to take some time.
Packing Boats.
Most boats will be packed strapped to the side or the top of the container with the bow, transom and sidestays fixed by rope to anchor points.  When packing the boats will be manhandled so the only thing to be in the boats for shipping is jibs. For the packing we need each boat to provide
- 2 or 3 * 50mm  HEAVY DUTY webbing straps with ratchets.  Please make sure you get ratchets that are easy to use as they may need to be ratcheted multiple times when we are under stress :(
- 2 galvanised "D" shackles (eg from trailer safety chains) to hook the ratchets too if we are unable to hook them onto a container anchor point.  They will carry the weight of your boat so make sure they are strong enough.
-   3 x  rigid foam  pads - size 200mm x 200mm x 75 to 100mm thick.    (Avoid polystyrene wherever possible. If you must use polystyrene, make sure it is wrapped up securely so that it doesn't break up and leave foam balls everywhere. No "raw" PS will be permitted in the container.)
Long ¼" bolt and nut to go through both rudder gudgeons for securing transom to the container.   This is important - don't forget it.
- Wetsuit rubber, carpet, underfelt or similar to make small pads sufficient to put under webbing straps at contact points (keel, gunwale, chines) to prevent rubbing
- Extra stepladder to aid loading - 4 step ladders will need to make the trip to Japan...
- Multiple lengths of strong rope for securing odds and ends and the boats themselves.    (The more the better). But please make sure it is thin rope 4-6mm (pre stretched or spectra is probably the best) as it is much easier to tie and go in difficult places.
- Lots of packing tape to secure foam pads to the deck of the boat for the trip AND for repacking to come home..
- Make sure nothing loose is going to rub in the boat while it is travelling,  tape up things if you are concerned
- any thing on the deck that may touch the container should be removed before you get there.  for example, deck stepped compasses and jib sheet cars.
- leave at least one hatch cover open
- the boats will be crossing the equator, so the temperatures will be v. high, be mindful of this when putting things in the container.
Packing Spars
- The masts will be stacked in piles in the container- to save any damage please have them in mast covers or wrap with bubble wrap.  PLEASE do this before we get to Ronstans.
- Make sure your sail number is on them
- Only jibs are to go into the boats to keep the boats light.  You may want to put your sails in a plastic tube or wrap several of them together.
- make sure your sail number is clearly marked on your sail bags.  The number of times people have spent days searching for sails.
- make sure your foils are in a solid bag as they will be stacked.
- The trolleys will be be stacked, we may need to verify what types of trolleys we each have at some stage and get people to swap with someone who is not going, prior to packing.
- the wheels must come off, please make sure your wheels come off easily and that your sail number is on them
Finally - everything needs to at least have your sail number and preferably sail number and name to make it easy to identify, and  preferably in multiple places!!
and finally finally practise your truckie hitches before we get to packing - it will save you so much time :)