46th Tasar Nationals - Adelaide

5th January 2019 to 12th January 2019 - Largs Bay Sailing Club

Our Hosts, Largs Bay Sailing Club have the NOR and all other Documents assembled on their site..

Click HERE to checkout the view around Largs Bay Sailing Club

Click HERE to see another Video of the Club and Sailing

The one thing you notice about Largs Bay Sailing Club, is the SPACE.  There is plenty of FREE Parking

LBSC has a HUGE Flat White Sandy Beach, Big enough for everybody to stretch out on and setup Picnic site next to your boat, you can even drive on it.

Program for Adelaide Nationals

Measuring - 5th Jan -0900hrs to 1600hrs

Measuring - 6th Jan - 0900hrs to 1130hrs


6h Jan 2019



Invitation Race

7h Jan 2019



Race session 1

8h Jan 2019



Race session 2

9th Jan 2019



Race session 3

10h Jan 2019



Lay Day

11th Jan 2019



Race session 4

12th Jan 2019



Race session 5